Jostens ReplayIt

Have you ever wished you could send in pictures for the yearbook? Well here's your opportunity. Click on the Jostens ReplayIt banner, register and start uploading. Please note that not all photos will be used in the yearbook, and they are all filtered for inappropriate content. At the end of the year, all photos submitted and kept will be preserved in a "Time Capsule" for years to come. Imagine your student 10 years from now visiting Jostens ReplayIt and seeing his or her yearbook photos!

You can also download the App in the App store for your smart phone! Picture yourself sitting at an ACS football game, at a field trip or at the Prom and catching a great photo on your phone. All you have to do is click on your phone App and upload immediately. Who might be in the yearbook.

Click today and start uploading! The possibilities are endless.

Replay It

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