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2nd – 5th Grade Program

Augusta Christian’s Elementary Learning Support Program is designed to assist students who have mild learning disabilities, mild cognitive differences, or processing difficulties with recoverable learning gaps. Class size is limited to 5 full-time students per grade level, offering low teacher-student ratios and individualized instruction for math and reading. Our teachers are skilled in the areas of math and reading with additional training in teaching students with these special needs. Experienced teaching assistants provide supplemental help to students in all other areas in an inclusive model allowing for more individualized attention in the mainstream classroom. A variety of teaching techniques and learning strategies are utilized, offering students opportunities to build on their strengths, to improve areas of weakness, and to achieve success while enhancing self-confidence.

Each student in this program has an individual Learning Support Plan that is reviewed and adjusted quarterly or semi-annually to evaluate academic performance and placement, as well as provide students with helpful accommodations and support. Expectations are individualized, and students are challenged to perform at their full potential.

The goal of this program is to have students ready to succeed in grade level middle school learning support or mainstream classes. Individualized instruction will not be provided at this level (see below).

6th Grade Program (Transitional year)

Students moving into middle school have one more year of additional English and Math resources before transitioning into a full schedule of grade level course work. In this transitional period, a resource teacher will tailor English and/or Math instruction to cover any gaps in standards and content so that the student is prepared for the move into mainstream instruction. In 6th grade, all other subject areas will be on grade level for both our learning support (applied) and mainstream classes (to include history, science, Bible, and electives). See below for further details.

7th – 12th Grade Program

Learning support courses at this level will consist of applied course work that is consistent with Georgia standards but provides additional support. The following accommodations/strategies are used in an effort to help students accelerate their mastery of concepts, close learning gaps, and meet grade level expectations, in preparation for college, technical school or full time employment.

  • Smaller class sizes; lower teacher-student ratios
  • Intentional guided instruction, practice and review
  • Slower pace, supplemental materials and additional learning strategies 
  • Variety of assessments (some non traditional assessments)
  • Strategies to improve listening and note taking skills
  • Strategies to improve reading comprehension to more effectively complete assignments and study for assessments
  • Strategies to improve test taking

The accommodations offered above are applied for the class as a whole. Our MS/HS Learning Support Program does not offer customized, individualized educational programs, accommodations or modifications. State standards for the course and grade level are followed.

Students in this support program will be reassessed each semester/year. Progress reports and meetings will be scheduled between teacher/student/parent.

Please contact Mrs. Lauren Banks, Admissions Director, for information on Augusta Christian’s Learning Support Program at (706) 863-2905, 206 or by email: Lauren Banks

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