Admission Procedures

Enrollment is now open to the general public.

Thank you so much for your interest in Augusta Christian Schools. If you would like to initiate the application process, please follow the instructions outlined below. Please let us know how we can help minister to your family and thank you for prayerfully considering Augusta Christian Schools.

Application Process

  1. Go to the Admissions tab. Scroll down to Application.  Click on the Online Application Link then click on Create an Account.  Complete the online application and be sure to upload the required documents for review. It is very important to enter valid email addresses for the Teacher Recommendation section on the application. The final step is to submit the non-refundable, $125.00 application/testing fee. 
  2. The Admissions Office will receive an email alert indicating the application has been submitted.  Someone from Admissions will contact you to schedule an initial meeting with the Division Principal and schedule entrance testing.  
  3. The Admissions Director and Principal will review the application, testing results and previous school records. 
  4. The Division Principal will make final admissions decisions and will contact you regarding acceptance.  The Admissions Office will send an email to inform you of acceptance. The Business Office will contact you to schedule the new family orientation meeting.
  5. Once the New Family Orientation Meeting is complete, you will receive the online Enrollment email from the Admissions Office.  There will be a link to click to complete the Enrollment Packet and submit the $510.00 enrollment fee along with all pertinent information for final enrollment. Upon completion, the student is officially enrolled in Augusta Christian Schools. 

Enrollment Criteria

  1. Online Application/Interview/Testing
  2. Submissions of all required documentation:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization form
  • 4 point screening
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Social Security Card Copy
  • Discipline Record
  • Recent Iowa/SAT /standardized testing
  • Recent Report Card/Transcript
  • Previous School Records
  • IEP/Psychological for Learning Support Students

If you have any questions regarding our enrollment process or would like to schedule a campus visit, please e-mail Mrs. Lauren Banks, Director of Admissions, at la*********@au**************.org or call her at (706) 863-2905, extension 206.

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