ACS Annual Fund

The ACS Annual Fund is an appeal to the entire AC family for financial support to supplement the school’s annual operating budget.  

The ACS Fund fills the gap between ACS’ affordable tuition and the consummate ACS experience our students and families deserve.  The support of the ACS Fund is critical to the continual advancement of ACS as well as to its longevity and sustainability in the ever-changing educational environment.  

Every ACS Fund gift is a vote of confidence in our school.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Annual Fund and why does ACS need it? 

An annual fund (the ACS Fund) is simply ACS’ yearly giving fund primarily for undesignated gifts.  As with all independent schools, ACS relies fully on a combination of tuition and annual giving.  Annual gifts help fill the gap between tuition revenue and the full cost of providing the finest ACS student experience.

Who gives to the annual ACS Fund? 

The ACS Fund receives support from our entire ACS family including current parents and grandparents, alumni and alumni parents, administration and staff, board of directors, and many friends of the school. 

What is the timeline? 

Support raised through the annual fund touches every part of the ACS experience impacting every student.  Some examples include: spiritual growth opportunities, enhanced educational offerings, curriculum and classroom resources, student experience enhancements, professional development, transportation upgrades, extracurricular programming needs, financial assistance, technology and facility upgrades.     

Why isn’t tuition enough to cover all costs associated with the ACS experience? 

To cover the actual cost of educating a student and the ongoing stewardship of our programs and facilities, a significant tuition increase would be required.  As with all independent schools, tuition covers a large percentage of our overall expenses but a gap still remains in order to meet the needs of our students and school overall.  Tax-deductible donations to the ACS Fund directly supplement the current year’s operating budget thus allowing ACS to continue stewarding our students, programming, and campus well.  

Why is my gift necessary?  How does it make a difference? 

Every ACS Fund gift is a vote of confidence in our school.  In addition to dollars raised, the participation percentage is a key metric for prospective families, employees, grant-making foundations and other funding sources as each evaluates our school. 

Is my gift tax deductible? 

ACS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, so gifts made to the school do qualify for a tax deduction.  Please consult your tax advisor for specifics on your tax situation.  

What is an appropriate gift to the Annual Fund? 

Every gift, no matter the size, impacts the key metric of participation percentage.  Each donor should prayerfully consider a gift that is meaningful and that reflects your commitment to ACS. 


Leslie C. Glass, Director of Development



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